The Search for the Perfect Tone.


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“The Search for the Perfect Tone”

       This is a subject that has plagued guitar players for many decades and it is one without a definitive answer. The “perfect tone” is completely subjective to each individual that is searching for it. There are so many different schools of thought on what makes the perfect tone and whether or not certain types of components matter in the shaping of your sound. Some swear by the wood that makes the guitar and its resonation qualities, others praise the pickups they installed and still other swear by the vintage capacitors they acquired for a ridiculous amount of money. The truth is that no matter what “facts” anyone puts forth about the functionality of components or the nature of electricity someone else will claim they are wrong and site some statements or experience that justifies their view. Does that make one wrong and another right? Not necessarily.

      I studied Audio Engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe Arizona in their Master Recording program. There I was taught to seek clean signal paths and focus on capturing the best sound from the beginning and not to rely on effects and tricks to “fix it in the mix”. We learned what types of gear to use to achieve what results, what type of mics to use when recording specific instruments and that there are definitely ways to get certain sounds that most everyone uses. In spite of all of that we learned there are only 2 rules in audio;

  1. If it sounds good, it’s right.
  2. If you break it you bought it.

      Since everyone has their own opinion on what the perfect tone is and guitarists are prone to let people know what has worked for them and what other approaches are “crap”, it can be very confusing to the inexperienced DIY guitarist who is starting on his own path, confusing to the point that they don’t know where to start. In this blog I will put forth what I have found through my years of experience and what information I have found to explain why it works, not to convince anyone that I am “right” but to give others more information for them to act upon themselves in their search for the perfect tone (remember rule 1).

      The information that will be presented is the foundation that my business, BCS Guitars, was built on and what has improved my products over the years. I have tested every bit of information that I could find that made sense and also listened to the feedback from my customers to know when something is working or not, and what areas I should expand into next. I hope that it will help you in your search as well.




Bill Brown is the owner/operator of Brown’s Custom Shop (BCS Guitars), a Video Production Specialist for The Missouri University of Science & Technology, and a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.

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