Guitar Wiring Kits vs. Stock Electronics



     If you’re new to the world of Do-It-Yourself guitar repair and upgrading then you may be wondering why you should buy a wiring kit for your guitar when your guitar already works. If you just want a guitar that works and makes sound, then by all means leave the stock electronics in your guitar, but if you want something that sounds great, a tone that will bring you inspiration and release your inner muse, then you need to know that your stock electronics simply will not do. Replacing cheap factory wiring with choice high grade electronics will make your guitar sound bigger, more detailed and give it more bite and soul. Import guitars have gotten much better over the years, they play very well and look great but they still use sub standard electronics which leave the guitars sounding weak and thin. This is not just an import issue though, most guitar companies use cheap electronics in their guitars to cut production costs (we have opened up $1,500.00 guitars that had about $3.50 worth of electronics inside). If you want to breathe new life and attitude into your guitar and give your pickups what they need to perform their best, then installing a high quality guitar kit is your first/best step to optimal guitar tone.

     That’s right, for your pickups to perform their best then they need the best to feed them. You can change out your stock pickups with a $200.00 set up pickups and even though they will sound better, they won’t sound as good as they could. It’s all about the transfer of electricity in your guitar. Pickups create an electromagnetic field that picks up the vibration of your strings and the resonations of the wood of your guitar and sends it through your guitars controls and out the jack as an electronic signal. Cheap electrical components do not allow for a very good flow of electricity and as a result you end up with a thin, weak signal that does not read the full strength of the notes or all the subtle vibrations from the strings or the body of the guitar.


     Higher quality components that allow for better electrical transfer can change even crummy sounding stock pickups into something that’s not half bad. Using solid core wiring instead of hair thing braided wiring will help tremendously in your electrical transfer. Even an 18 gauge stranded wire with thick strands is far better than the hair thin stranded wire that is standard in most guitars. Changing out your ceramic disk “pancake” or “chicklet” looking capacitors with Oil Filled dielectric or other higher quality capacitors will help shape your tone and make it sound bigger. Plus changing your volume and tone pots with a heavier duty pot will make your controls last a lot longer and help your tone sound fuller and more detailed. (Keep checking back in our Guitar Guts section for better explanations of each of these components, how they work and how they will help improve your guitar.)

      At BCS our goal is to provide our customers with high quality guitar kits to help them get the maximum tone out of their guitar without breaking the bank. We have designed our kits to give you the most bang for your buck without compromising the tone and dependability of your guitar. You can find several “kits” on ebay that are cheaper than ours but the components are nowhere near as dependable or will offer as much tone enhancement. Some will have some good components like a Switchraft jack or CTS pots but the rest of the components are sub quality parts. Other brand name kits cost more than ours with the same components or lower quality parts. Here our prices are lower because as a family owned and operated business we have less overhead and our profits are our wages, so we do not need to pay additional staff and ourselves. This allows us to charge our customers less and still make a profit that keeps our family fed.  Win/Win. 


     Some kits cost A LOT of money for either truly vintage parts or repro parts. Some people feel that this is the only way to get the best tone (hey, to each their own) and if they have the money and the means to justify it, then more power to them. In our opinion the difference in cost is not justified by the difference in tone. Each person must decide for themselves how much they want to pay for how much of improvement in tone. We believe that our kits offer the best option available, the most amount of tone for a reasonable amount of money.



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Due to the expansion of our customer base, our turnaround times are 3 to 5 weeks from the time you order. We have recently picked up two guitar manufacturers that we are building wiring harnesses for, and the word of mouth about the quality of our work and customer service has expanded our customer base tremendously. Each kit is built to order, and in the order it was received. It will take some time for you to receive your kit, but it will be well worth the wait, guaranteed! - Bill Brown/owner BCS Guitars.

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