I have 2 strats which I put together from parts I bought seperately.Both already sounded very nice. However… I loaded the one on the left with a standard series kit from BCS…… it’s really amazing what this stuff does to your guitar.It sounds absolutely fantastic!! This is the best sound I ever had…. Think the other one will have to get one also. I will order another one soon. Regards, and thanks again for this amazing kit !! –Eric










I recently completed my Epiphone (Black Beauty (photos above)) Les Paul using BCS Guitars’ SLPK-3 wiring kit.  The original components that came with the guitar were scratchy and cheap.  This was my first attempt to completely rewire an LP.  I’ve done minor pickup change-outs, but never other components like switches and pots.  BCS Guitars’ wiring kits made it simple and enjoyable.  My soldering skills are amateurish at best, but I was able to make everything work nicely on my first attempt.  I was very happy with BCS Guitars’ instructions, photos and assembly board.  It made everything easier to understand and visualize before I started to solder.  I should also note that I replaced all three pickups so this was a complete guitar overhaul.   I would encourage anyone interested in this hobby to use BCS’s kits.  They are reasonably priced and in the end, you will notice quality and improved tone of your guitar.  Thank you – Steve

Hi Bill, I just wanted to drop you a note, and show you some pics of my first diy guitar kit, a Chinese copy of an ES-335. I dyed the basswood body green so that the slightly greenish basswood grain would be complimented by the colour, and finished it with Tru-Oil. I made a few other mods to make it better, but the best of them was to use your ES-335 Vintage Wiring Kit, along with some good pickups. This changed my $124 eBay kit from a fun project to a really nice guitar, that plays and sounds like the real thing, and I wouldn’t part with it for any amount of money. Your instruction literature made it an easy installation, and your after-sale service with a novice builder was great as well, so I just wanted to pass along my thanks, and also to order another of your wiring kits for my next guitar build…I wouldn’t have one without one of your wiring kits. Best regards – Jim Thompson – Cornwall, ON, Canada


Dear Bill,

I have purchased 2 Vintage Series wiring harnesses.  One for a 2012 Epiphone Les Paul Standard plain top and one for a 2007 Epiphone 56 Gold Top.  I have to say the sound if these babies is better than I ever imagined.  When I upgraded the pickups to 57 & 57 plus for the standard and P-90’s for the Gold Top it became even better.  The tone of these guitars is unbelievable. So warm, crisp and clear.  These guitars are truly a pleasure to play.  The detailed easy to read directions made installation a breeze. Thank you for making such a great product and providing outstanding customer service. I see more purchases in my future for the rest of my collection. Best regards – Jeff


I’ve got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Up to this point it has been completely stock, I haven’t upgraded anything. This wiring kit was the first thing I have done to it, so that means stock pickups, etc. I’m a 15 year old kid and I don’t have a job, so buying this kit was a pretty large chunk of money for me. I was a little nervous about ripping my guitar apart, drilling the holes bigger, and soldering, but I can tell you right now it was worth it! My guitar sounds so much better now! It sounds so much clearer and way less muddy. I noticed the most improvement in my neck pickup, which before the upgrade sounded really muddy and dull. All I did was install this wiring kit and it sounds perfect! I can honestly say I have spent hours at guitar places playing $2000+ Gibson Les Pauls and mine sounds better! I can’t imagine how good it will sound once I get my pickups upgraded as well. Thank you so much! – Kaiden


Hello Bill,
Received the harness yesterday and installed the complete kit today.  The installation instructions were excellent and everything went smooth.  The new pots and caps sound wonderful!  The tonal improvement is very noticeable.  I had a lot of fun with this.  I’ve attached a few photos from the project.

Best Regards – Eddie



Just thought I’d touch base with you and let you know that I got the harness last Monday, and got installed on my day off on Wed.  At first I panicked with I realized that I had mis-measured the pots and the old ones were 9mm instead of 3/8.  I’ve never done anything like enlarging the holes on a guitar and wasn’t looking forward to having to do that here.  But I hit your website like your email mentioned, and, with your instructions, and the plugs for the 3-way switch, the installation was a breeze.  Everything fit and worked out just like you said it would.  Now it’s back to being a rockin’ machine!!  \m/ Thanks for all your help in getting it back up and running.  The plugs you used were a great idea, and, not only helped me with my fear of soldering, but made the install even quicker. I’ve attached a snap of the guitar I took a couple of nights ago while it was sitting in front of my practice amps.  And, for what it’s worth, I’ve been singing your praises to several playing buddies and on a forum that I frequent since I got it installed.  I’ll not hesitate to contact you again when I need another one. Thanks again! –Dave


Just wanted to drop you a quick note… I had ordered a Vintage kit for my Epiphone Les Paul Standard several weeks ago. Once I received the kit and installed it, I was so happy with the new sound that I ordered a kit for my Strat! I had replaced the pick ups in both guitars (Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Zebras in the Les and Lace Sensors in the Strat), but had never done anything about the pots and caps – WOW!!! What a difference. Both of these guitars now have clarity and tone that I wasn’t getting before and I am amazed by it!!! It is truly a “night and day” difference!! Thank you for the quick turn around on the order and I having been telling anyone who will listen about your kits and the difference they have made !!  God bless – Bob


Hi Bill:

The harness performs better than expected. It’s amazing how the tone of my ’86 ES335 has improved since I installed your product. As I mentioned before, I was very impressed with the quality of your kit – all of the components and the care with which the harness was assembled convinced me that I made the right decision to order from BCS Guitars. The quick turn around from order to delivery, the expert packing and the willingness to accommodate my change requests are indications of quality customer service that is often not present in on-line transactions.

Thanks again for providing a high quality product at a very reasonable cost – you saved me the cost of buying a new amp!  Best regards –Ed


I recently purchased a Gibson SG Standard Aged Cherry. Decided to replace the stock PCB with your VSGK-1 wiring kit which was I must say was so simple to install being supplied on the card. I added to the vintage wiring an Angus Young signature pickup and pickup ring in the bridge position. Vintage style knobs and cream switch selector ring were added to finish off the Angus SG look. The guitar now sounds absolutely outstanding through my Marshall and AX cab.Thank you very much for the fantastic quality kit and great service. Thanks – Mike


Just wanted to say I received the VLPK-2 and installed it in my Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro with a pair of Seymour Duncan Alinico II Pro Slash model humbuckers and it sounds outstanding! It was easy to install and the guitar sounds excellent! You have a great product and the price being less than the other custom wiring harness dealers I found just makes it even better! Thanks – Charles





I recently purchased and installed a VLPK-1 Wiring Harness for my Epi LP Standard and am sending a pic of it. The harness and pickup swap made a $500 guitar sound like a $2000 guitar. Quality components all the way! Thanks a million!
Best Regards, – Michael Wilson




RayI own an Epiphone Standard and my fellow band member owns an Epiphone Custom. We both had the VLPK-2 pots fitted and I had gibson 57 classic pups fitted while my friend loaded the Burstbuckers into his .WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Both these guitars are tone monsters now. I knew these were good guitars but needed unleashing, now they’re free and blowing our minds. Sounds better than the original lps to me. Great job bcs, we are both happy as larry with our puchase. Thanks again. – Ray




rckndok.jpgAfter installing my new BCS harness and electronics, not only was the beast unleashed, but many other features arose to the occasion. My Hagstrom Viking Deluxe is now a sonically superior instrument.  I can hear quality professional-like tones that come out of a much more expensive guitar. Thanks to Bill’s quality components, expert assembly, great customer service, and low price I now have the vibe that turns people’s heads. – Mark Mithers (a.k.a. Rockin Doc)



I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for all of your guidance and high quality products.  I recently installed one of your complete vintage wiring kits into my 1993 Epiphone Les Paul Standard and have been absolutely amazed with the results.  The pickups were replaced several years ago but the guitar still sounded muddy and dull.  The volume and tone controls were useless as they made an already bad situation worse.  After changing my old scratchy pots with your new wiring harness I cannot believe the improvement in tone and clarity.  The volume and tone controls now offer a much wider and extremely usable spectrum than I had with the old wiring.
I was impressed to see the kit was flawlessly constructed using high quality full sized components and the several pages of instructions included took all the guesswork out of the installation.  Similarly, your customer service was impeccable early in the process when I had questions and continued all the way through my installation.  Your combination of quality, value and customer service have solidified me as a customer and prompted me to recommend you to other musicians.  Simply put, your products resurrected a guitar that had fallen by the wayside into my favorite instrument once again. Thank you again and best wishes on your continued success. – Dave B. Guitar: 1993 Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Finished the guitar and played a gig last Saturday with it. The sound was awesome!  Problem now is the level of punch between that guitar and my others is pretty drastic.  Plays heck for the sound guy when I switch. Plan to build another soon.  Thanks – Curtis

I received the Wiring Harness today. Astounded at the quality control. Excellent, and the installation instructions are a no-Brainer. I have a Epi LP Standard PT. I am replacing the stock PUPs with Stewmac Parsons Street H’buckers, Single Conductor. I noticed that the lugs on the Volume pots are pre-tinned for easier swap. Can’t get any better than that. I most likely will do the installation next week due to my work schedule. If I have any issues I will get with you. Thanks for an excellent upgrade. I’m taking my time on this to get all perfect. My Epi should be a serious tone machine! Thanks for a great product.Very Best Regards – Michael Wilson

I installed your ES335 VESK-1 Wiring Kit in my Gibson ES-339 and the result is a very noticeable improved guitar with better sound and better control over volume and tone. The quality pots and caps allow me to manage my sound perfectly. I can tailor either the pickup ouput or the EQ with great detail. The tapers of the pots are very smooth. Installation was time consuming because of the natural difficulty of wiring a semi-hollow body but the pre-wired kit made it much more easier. The quality of components and workmanship of this harness is spectacular. Thank you very much and, with no doubt, I will resource to you for every harness I need in the future. – Regards, Ramon (Miami)

I just wanted to thankyou for the SUPREME QUALITY wiring kit I purchased for my LP. It’s rare to find such nice soldered connections ,quality wire,switches, and pots. You guys get it right! And a very noticable amount of gain and pureness. I will keep you for my guitar needs from this day forward.
Thanks Again – D. Neitzke

Got the kit installed the other day and first off…the workmanship you put into that kit is off the charts…secondly it went in without a hitch. Thirdly it really sounds great and has turned my Gibson Es339 into a co-number one guitar. By turning the vol and tone down I can get really fat single coil-like tones.  I also really love the feel and taper of the Bourns pots and time permitting I intend on posting a very favourable review on a couple of the guitar forums that I frequent. Regards, Stewart

BCS, Thanks for the recent pre-wired “work of art” I received from you for my Agile AL2000. I threw caution to the wind a cut out all of my original wiring and followed your excellent instructions. Now I have a great sounding guitar with a very neat control cavity. It’s so nice to be able to communicate with an online company both through “prompt e-mails” and by phone, as we did prior to placing my order. I felt like I knew exactly what I was going to receive in the mail. When all was said and done BCS provided excellent customer service, very simple and thorough installation instructions and “much better” components for about what I had paid “just for labor” at the local guitar shop. – Dennis

Thank you for the 335 wiring harness. Im a full time musician and an amateur solder sniffer. I was very impressed initially at how neat and carefully you soldered and put the harness together. It really made the gibson wiring look like it was done by kindergarten students. Your harness not only saved me a lot of frustration, time and effort (335s can be a pain to work with) but it also sounds better too. The bourns pots are smooth and the taper works over the whole range. The caps too work really nicely. I am able to shade my sounds with every part of the dials. I get all my sounds using the guitar knobs and the whole package of the bourns pots, vitamin T caps and perfect wiring makes my job that much easier. Thank you very much! I will recommend your product to others. Cheers, – Cam Kinsey

Carlos Lichman

Rick smallHey, this is Rick “The Outlaw” from The Lonesome ones here.
While I was upgrading the pickups on my Strat I decided I wanted a quality
PIO .047uf cap, all cloth covered wire & braided grounds to compliment the
Custom shop CS69 pickups. I found all of this in BGS’ Vintage Stratocaster
wiring kit. The Mojotone Vitamin T PIO cap has amazing tone roll off & all
of the components are truly the best; CTS, CRL, Switchcraft, etc. Just drop
it in, solder your pups & output & rock out! My tone is insane! True vintage
Strat quack & chime, this is the real deal all the way. I’m way stoked on this kit!
The next time you catch The Lonesome ones tearin’ it up, listen to my Strat just
flat out smoke with my BCS Vintage Stratocaster wiring kit!


Holy Crap!  I installed your kit into my Epiphone today, my Gibson Les Paul never sounded like this.  I put Seymour Duncan 57 pickups in it and it still had no bite… your assembly made this thing come alive. It has amazing bite and presence. It was too late to do the “After” sound waves but I will get them to you as soon as I can…

Been busy, but I took some time to make an MP3 of my Epi Les Paul before and after your drop in pots & caps.  I can’t rave enough about them.  I have not touched my high end Fenders and Gibson since.  It’s only 3 little clips but it gets the point across.  The first clip is a Fender Tweed, second 2 clips are through a Tech 21 Trademark 60.  It really made the guitar come alive.

Thanks Again,-Mark Iannucci (Mark isa professional studio musician, studio musician and owner of ATS Records)

Click the button below to hear the before and after clips that Mark Recorded in his professional studio. The first, third and fifth clip are of his Epi before installing our kit and the second fourth and sixth are after the installation. marks-epi-button


Hey Bill………
Just a note to say thanks for a great product.   The kit brought my
Epi Sheraton to life.  I had previously installed a Gibson ’57 Classic
in the front and a Gibson Burstbucker 3 in the back.  They sound much
better now than they did with the original wiring and pots.   The kit fits the guitar
perfectly and is not hard to install.
I had a little trouble with the original knobs.  I made them work but I’ll
probably replace them down the line………
Thanks again.
Robert Nelson





Warren and his ES335I just wanted to offer an unsolicited testimonial.  I recently purchased and installed a 335 Vintage wiring harness kit in my first year re-issue 1981 ES-335 dot neck loaded with Tim Shaw humbuckers.  Although I loved the guitar I found the tone to be a bit muddy, particularly when I rolled back the volume.  After hearing about Gibson using 300K pots I decided to replace the wiring harness.  I did some research, and, along with other such as RSGuitarworks and Mojotone, I discovered your product.  Although priced significantly lower than the competitors it used quality components, and the response I received to my e-mail questions was excellent.  Based on this I purchased the harness kit.           Although it was a challenge to install, your installation instructions were excellent.  When I finally tested the guitar with the new harness all I can say is WOW.  There is a presence now that I never heard before, and I am able to use my volume and tone controls through their full travel.  The build quality of your kit was also superb, with clean wiring and excellent solder joints.  I am a happy customer, and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.  Thanks, – Warren – Montreal Canada

Tim ByrneI received my vintage strat wiring harness, just put it in. Let me tell you how blown away I am. This guitar sounds sooo killer now. I had a squire harness in it before with 3 single coil seymour Duncan’s and I thought it sounded good then, now it’s even better! Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you guys to all my musician friends. Thanks – Tim


douglas-sgHere is a pic of my Cusom Gibson SG with the new electronics to go with the 500T and 490R pups. This axe sounds as good as it looks. Your electronics are the bomb!  – Douglas

(click on the pic for a larger image)

Hello again.   Nice to see your all set up with the site. Any way, it’s been about two weeks since I installed your kit in my epiphone les paul. Just let me say, I cannot put this axe down! Good advice on going with the oil in paper caps. it really gives my korean guitar a “vintage tone” I was nervous about working on my own guitar, but this kit came with all instructions, complete with pictures. If you cannot afford a high end Gibson, or Fender, just do whatI did. With BCS pre-wired pots kit, and a couple of good pickups, my guitar can now compete with the big boys, and the prices are affordable for any guitarist who wants to upgrade there guitar. Do your self a favor, and upgrade with BCS! thanks again,  –  Scott Hughes

jared-1-300x224Model: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Condition: New

This guitar has been one of the best electric guitars that I have ever played! It has an incredible sound, an amazing action, and it looks great. It was set up for the studio or stage when I received it. The service, the price, and the product were all excellent and what I consider to be a great value! – Jared


Model: Epiphone Boneyard (Joe Perry Signature) Condition: Used

I have played A LOT of guitars over the years and this is by far the best guitar I have ever played. It sounds great, looks beautiful and plays fantastic and at $500.00 it was a great deal. I have several guitars and this has become my main instrument. – Don

timModel: Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Condition: New & Modified with BCS Firestorm wiring and Gibson Pickups

Bill,  I havent had a chance to say a big THANKS! for taking care of my guitar.   I plugged it in at church in place of my Strat and you should have seen the sound guys scrambling when I hit a great big E power chord on it!   They couldnt get it turned down fast enough.   I cant believe the power that the pickups have.  The difference between my Strat’s output and this monster is amazing.   I can really tell a difference in the tone.  The action is perfect! Thank you again! – Tim

Hi there, just dropping you a line to say thanks, i got an epiphone les paul wiring kit from you, via an ebay transaction and the difference between the stock pots and caps and your agile kit is huge, the tone and sound is to die for, so thanks again for your great product. You guys are gods – Ian

Your kit arrived this weekend and i have installed it along with some Irongear pickups that I had bought. Kit went in easily, your step by step directions were excellent!  I found the instructions for the wiring connections especially helpful.  The combination of straight forward text and photos made it easy to wire up right first time.  Thanks for the photo of the push pull tone pot coil split mod, it works excellently. The Bournes pots are super smooth and the guitar itself sounds like a blanket has been removed from it!  The sound difference is of course influenced by both the new pickups and your harness but I am extremely pleased with how the volume and tone work together.  It knocks the socks off of the poor stock Epiphone harness. If I need another harness I will definately be coming to you again.  The combination of excellent customer service, communications, installation instructions and high quality product are something that you should be extremely proud of. Cheers – Chris

Hi Bill and THANK YOU for your effort on the replacement harness for my 1970 ES-335TD. It fits like a glove and was a breeze to install. And it sounds GREAT!  Your communications were speedy and you were easy to work with. Thanks again eversomuch and good luck in the future. I will recommend you to my friends. Sincerely, Paul Davis

Dear BCS,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for all of your guidance and high quality products.I recently installed one of your complete vintage wiring kits into my 1993 Epiphone Les Paul Standard and have been absolutely amazed with the results.The pickups were replaced several years ago but the guitar still sounded muddy and dull.The volume and tone controls were useless as they made an already bad situation worse.After changing my old scratchy pots with your new wiring harness I cannot believe the improvement in tone and clarity.The volume and tone controls now offer a much wider and extremely usable spectrum than I had with the old wiring.

I was impressed to see the kit was flawlessly constructed using high quality full sized components and the several pages of instructions included took all the guesswork out of the installation.Similarly, your customer service was impeccable early in the process when I had questions and continued all the way through my installation.Your combination of quality, value and customer service have solidified me as a customer and prompted me to recommend you to other musicians.Simply put, your products resurrected a guitar that had fallen by the wayside into my favorite instrument once again.

Thank you again and best wishes on your continued success. – Dave B.

Guitar: 1993 Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Hello,  I bought a vintage kit for a Burny LP. I sold the guitar before I installed the kit. I put it in my “parts” drawer. A few weeks ago I got a 1975 Les Paul Special Reissue. The tone pots were not linear. All the action was between 2 and 3 on the tone control. I installed the Vintage kit in that guitar basically to fix the tone pots. It did do that but when I plugged it in it was as if I had pulled a blanket off the speaker. Great clarity and tone. I have tried a competitors kits that are much more expensive than yours in other guitars and the results weren’t nearly as dramatic. Don’t know what it is that is better. Maybe the Vitamin T’s. I am very satisfied and will be back! Thanks for a great product – Robert

eBay feedback

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BCS is nothing short of AWESOME!!! The ONLY place I buy my guitar electronics!!!

3rd BCS wiring kit I’ve bought, Love ‘Em!!!!! Thanks Yet Again!!!!

Great sounding harnesses!! This one my 2nd with more to come! Thanks!!!!

My second wiring kit from bcs. The first one sounds awesome in my other guitar.

Outstanding. Harness really woke up the guitar. 2nd buy and will again.

Superb Item! Sounds GREAT!!! A+ 5 Stars * * * * *

The final touch for the perfect guitar. Very professional and high quality parts

Once again, the finest vintage wiring kits on the planet, thanks Bill !! A+++

2nd purchase, just awesome, you want good tone you need bcs.. Rock on..

Easy to install and great improvement on sound of my standard SG

Good electronics; made a difference. Going to get more! Its not my pickups…A++

Excellent, pro grade all the way,perfect solder joints! Fast shipping!

awesome warm tone well made to order product just the right sound worth every $

Amazingly Fast Ship!!! Awesome Quality Parts – Easy Install! Thanks!!!

Perfect thanks, sounds great, better than the standard wiring by far!

Great packaging, Pro product, wired it up & sounded awesome, recommended to all

So happy with the kit i bough for my Les Paul i had to get one for my Strat. A++

I installed the electronics on an agile 3100, wow!!! A+, sound!!Thank you!!!,

Top packaging!!! Top product!!! Top deadline!!! bonjour de France

great product….great seller….my dot sounds a lot better now….thanks alot

Now this is a quality wiring harness. It will outlast a couple of guitars!!

Outstanding wiring kit! High quailty @ a great price. Fast Shipping. Thank you

Exceeded my expectations! Great axe, communications, quick ship, GREAT SELLER!

Every ebayer should be this good..Instant shipping… As good as it gets!!!

Killer harness – worth every penny 🙂 🙂 🙂

Great product, just aS described. AAA++++ RECOMENDED SELLER!!!!!

What did I think, immediately bought more capacitors, rocket shipping, pro service!

Excellent in every way, a perfect seller who goes the extra mile A+ Thanks!

talk about going the extra mile! do yourself a favor, deal with this company.

Great capacitors, pro service, prompt ship, well packed and communicated.

Very nice, sounds great… plays like butter… A+++

Installed kit in my guitar and it sounded great

Excellent seller! Fast shipping, great parts at a great price. Many thanks!

Excellent bridge!!! Quality, super well made!! Fast shipping. AAAA+++++ seller!!

Got here fast. Excellent product with great directions, you can’t go wrong

Great deal & cheaper than last one I bought! Will shop them again, already have!

Fast shipping, easy install, sounds amazing, THANKS!! will buy from again!

Excellent transaction, great communication & quick shipping A+++

Fast shipping and great product !!! Thanks !!

Fast shipping, quality product, satisfied with customer service

Exactly as described. Fast service. Good dealer. Highly recommended


Very helpful, conscientious, need more like Bill, less like some others

Nice item and ultra fast to ship….tks

Absolutely perfect transaction. Thank you very much. Great harness!

Great kit great seller

Smooth transaction, accurate description, excellent packaging. A+++

Absolutely perfect. Thank you! REALLY fast shipping

Seller was very helpful, great transaction!!!

Freakin sweet deal, thanks!!!

Seller was very helpful, great transaction!!!

The guitar was better than I expected. Great Ebayer**

Excellent Service, Thank you.

Great communication, great e-bayer.

Item as described and shipped promptly, AAA+++

Amazing guitar! Professional custumization. Great communication, fast ship.A++++

AWESOME! I’m blown away! Superb quality. The finest! And did I mention AWESOME!!

Great sounding guitar at a fantastic price with fast shipping. +++++

Thanks again , it works for me , I like the blacked out head….

Very nice guitar. This guy knows what he’s doing. Thank you.

Great Item Awesome Seller!!

awesome guitar and service….rock on!!!!!!!!!

GREAT value! A+Communication! Perfect Businessman!! Will buy again!! THANKS!

IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!M.Z.

Great deal on a great guitar. Thanks my son loves it . AAA+++

BEAUTIFUL! Just as described, with Fast Shipping! *****

Impressive! Super quick delivery!! Highly recommend!!

Turn Around Time

Due to the expansion of our customer base, our turnaround times are 3 to 5 weeks from the time you order. We have recently picked up two guitar manufacturers that we are building wiring harnesses for, and the word of mouth about the quality of our work and customer service has expanded our customer base tremendously. Each kit is built to order, and in the order it was received. It will take some time for you to receive your kit, but it will be well worth the wait, guaranteed! - Bill Brown/owner BCS Guitars.

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