BCS Professional Cables

 Pristine cables made with Canare GS6 cable and REAN gold plated jacks. These cables were designed to give you the best signal possible for laying down tracks in a professional or home studio.


 This is a great stage cable made with Canare GS6 cable and REAN & Neutrik gold plated jacks that not only delivers fantastic sound and reliability, but also has a built in breaker to keep your amp from popping when “Hot Swapping” your guitars.


 About The Cables

     At BCS we strive to help our customers improve the tone of their guitars, and over the years we have proven we can deliver what we promise with our wiring kits. We know that high quality components helps bring out the best your guitar has to offer, and with that as our focus we decided to set our sights on the next link in the tone chain, the cable.

     After much research and testing we finally found the right combination of components and assembly that delivers a cable that will improve the tone of your guitar, give you more volume and is highly dependable. If you wonder if a cable can really make that much of a difference you’re not alone. When we tested the cable we had some players who spent 25 to 30 years playing professionally try them out and they were over the age of 65. The reason we did this is because as we get older our hearing degrades, and if the difference in our cables were pronounced enough that they could be heard by these senior citizen players then anyone should be able to appreciate the improved tone. These players were skeptical that there would be any difference at all but when they switched from a standard cable to one of ours they were blown away.

     The Cable: We know from experience that a heavier gauge wire allows electricity to flow better and helps improve volume and tone. We looked for a while to find a heavy gauge cable that would deliver the performance we were demanding and we finally decided on the Canare GS-6 cable. Here is the description of the GS-6 from the Canare website: 

“A specially designed Oxygen Free Copper 18 AWG cable for connecting Guitar/Bass or Keyboards to amps, mixers, effects pedals and all outboard signal processing gear. Low capacitance and low series resistance provides improved frequency response (flat to 50kHz). A bright, ringing characteristic sound is preserved, even when using HI-Z guitar pickups with long cable runs. The proprietary double Carbon/Braid Copper shield construction eliminates microphonic handling noise, especially on stage where amps are often set at maximum volume levels. Also highly recommended for Amp Head to Speaker Cabinet leads.” 

  • Frequency Response: Notice the frequency response (flat to 50kHz), this is what really caught our attention. What is meant by “flat” is that the tone will not be colored (changed) in any way, what you hear is exactly what is being sent out of the instrument. As for “flat to 50kHz”, the human range of hearing is 20Hz to 20kHz so that means everything we hear coming through that cable is what it’s supposed to sound like and not degraded by a cheap cable. 
  • 18 Gauge Wire: The thick 18 gauge wire transfers electricity far better than the standard 22 to 20 gauge wire that other manufacturers use. This may not sound like a big difference but when you have several small improvements they add up to a much better sounding product in the end. 
  • No Microphonics: Microphonics is a phenomenon wherein physical vibrations in or around electrical components can be transformed into undesired electrical noise. This is something that can occur on stage and a player can spend quite a while trying to track it down and may never figure it out. The way this cable is made eliminates microphonics. 
  • Oxygen Free: When wire is exposed to air, humidity and condensation the wire can begin to rust and then the strands will start breaking. This is one of the main causes of crackling in a cable and it leads to the connection completely breaking and having a dead cord.  

     The Plugs: Once again, research and testing led to our decision to use Neutrik and REAN gold plated plugs for optimal performance without charging an extremely ridiculous amount of money for a cable. 

  • REAN Plugs: REAN is a Neutrik owned company and in many cases are listed as Neutrik plugs. These plugs are as plane Jane looking as they come, with no fancy sleeves or boots, but they are built to function beautifully. The way they are manufactured allows for a great physical connection of the conductor wire to the hot lead of the plug before soldering takes place. This helps increase the electrical transfer of the cable to the jack. The plug is also gold plated to ensure the best electrical transfer between the jack and the cable to help improve the tone. We use the REAN plug on both ends of the studio cable and on the amp end of the live cable. 
  • Neutrik Plug: For the Live cables we selected the Neutrik NP2X-AU-SILENT plug for the instrument end. This is a special version of the 2-pole plug with an integrated switch which automatically mutes (shorts) a guitar cable to avoid annoying pops and squeals when hot-swapping guitars. The integrated switch is based on REED technology, it is hermetically sealed and magnetically operated, so there is no corrosion or pollution of the switch which makes it durable and long lasting with a guaranteed lifetime beyond 10,000 mating cycles. The physical connection ability for the conductor wire is not as the good as the REAN plugs so there is a slightly darker tone to this cable, and with some of our test players they perceived it as a slightly “warmer” cable that lent itself towards a jazz sound. This difference is so small that other test players could not hear the difference. The plug is also gold plated to ensure the best electrical transfer between the jack and the cable to help improve the tone.  

     The Finishing Touches: When building our cables we take great care to make sure that all the connections are rock solid and internal strain reliefs are clamped down. Next we completely fill the connection area with silicon to eliminate future problems. 

  • No Crackling: Since the cable is oxygen free and the connections are sealed in silicon, there is no way for moisture of any kind to slowly rust away the wire at the connections which makes all the crackling noise as your cable gets older and leads to breaking wire. 
  • No Breakage: With the internal strain relief and the silicon to hold this wire in place there should never be any breakage of the wire inside the plugs. 
  • Long Life: Our family made cables like this about 30 years ago and they still work, sound great, have never broken or had any crackling. As long as this cable is not cut, severely crimped or maliciously damaged in any way it should last for decades. 

     Lifetime Warranty: If for ANY REASON your cable ceases to function at ANY TIME just send it back to us and we will repair it or replace it at no charge. This means that even if your girlfriend gets mad at you and cuts your cable in half with a knife, just send it back to us and we will build you another one. 

     These cables in conjunction with our guitar wiring kits will give your guitar a level of quality and detail that you would have previously believed to be out of reach.

Turn Around Time

Due to the expansion of our customer base, our turnaround times are 3 to 5 weeks from the time you order. We have recently picked up two guitar manufacturers that we are building wiring harnesses for, and the word of mouth about the quality of our work and customer service has expanded our customer base tremendously. Each kit is built to order, and in the order it was received. It will take some time for you to receive your kit, but it will be well worth the wait, guaranteed! - Bill Brown/owner BCS Guitars.

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