The Vintage Series

grungeThe BCS Vintage kits are built to give your guitar a bigger, more full bodied tone that is infused with the warmth found in the vintage guitars of the 50’s and 60’s.  We use high quality components throughout these kits to achieve optimum performance because we understand that your guitars tone is only as good as its weakest link.

We use 500K Bourns Pro Audio pots, they have a silky smooth feel and a superior taper to other pots we tested. The short shaft pots have a standard torque while the long shaft pots for the Gibson Les Paul kits have a low torque and they turn very easily. In the short shaft kits the volume pots use a linear taper for a smooth volume control and the tone pots use an audio taper. The Gibson Les Paul kits use only audio taper pots since the linear taper model is unavailable at this time.

  We also use Switchcraft switches and jacks for reliable switching and connections and we also use CTS switches on kits using blade style switches.  All the wiring in the Vintage kits is 22 gauge thick stranded wire that is wax coated; cloth covered and has an external braided shield.

Oil filled capacitors have a much smoother, more natural sound than the standard ceramic capacitors. While they sound better, they usually cost a lot more as well, but a higher price does not guarantee a better capacitor. After having used a different capacitor brand for several years we switched to the WD Tone Cap due to their superior performance while remaining reasonably priced. We found them to have a very smooth, organic tone and when turning down the tone knob they sounded more musical and less like a blanket being thrown over the amplifier. The WD Tone Caps use oil soaked mylar as the di-electric material (as do most “paper-in-oil” capacitors do these days) and they are kept to a ±10% tolerance. These capacitors are manufactured by Taihan, the same company that manufactured the Vitamin Q capacitors sold by ALLPARTS for years and the Black Bees capacitors that are currently offered (both mylar and oil caps). The WD Tone Caps are essentially the same capacitor as the Black Bees but at 600v instead of 1500v and with tighter tolerances. These capacitors will give you that warm, vintage tone you’re looking for without paying a ridiculous amount of money. 

These kits give your pickups what they need to perform at their very best and can even make some cheap stock pickups sound pretty decent. The high quality components allow for a better transfer of electricity through your guitar which brings out all the depth and subtleties in your tone. Take a listen to the clip “Gravity”, it was recorded with a $199.00 Agile AL-2000 with its stock pickups and our Vintage kit installed. Both the leads and the rythm were recorded with this guitar.


The BCS Vintage kits are wired to vintage schematics to bring out the warm, full bodied tone associated with vintage guitars. Also we will gladly custom wire them to your request or you can order an unassembled kit and wire it yourself.



Turn Around Time

Due to the expansion of our customer base, our turnaround times are 3 to 5 weeks from the time you order. We have recently picked up two guitar manufacturers that we are building wiring harnesses for, and the word of mouth about the quality of our work and customer service has expanded our customer base tremendously. Each kit is built to order, and in the order it was received. It will take some time for you to receive your kit, but it will be well worth the wait, guaranteed! - Bill Brown/owner BCS Guitars.

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