The Firestorm Series

Firestorm Add 4The BCS Firestorm kits are built to give your guitar a bigger, fuller bodied tone that’s clean and defined to help cut through a wall of drums and bass rhythms. Designed primarily for Heavy Metal and other similar genres of music the Firestorm will give your distortion a tighter, more focused tone and your clean tones will be crisp and clear. We use high quality components throughout these kits to achieve optimum performance because we understand that your guitars tone is only as good as its weakest link. 

We use Bourns Pro Audio pots, they have a silky smooth feel and a superior taper to other pots we tested. We use a 1Meg pot for the volume to bring out the brightest tone and as much gain as possible from the pickups, and for the tone pot we use a 500k pot. We use Oak Grigsby 3-way & 5-way switches for blade style switching and Switchcraft for 3-way toggle switching. For wiring we use 22 gauge stranded wire that is wax coated and cloth covered on all of the ground connections and the conductor connections are 22 gauge solid core wire that is cloth covered and color coded for easy identification. Lastly we have added volume mods to the volume pots so your guitar will keep its presence as you roll back on your volume. This also lets your volume act as a pre-gain control when running on high distortion, as you roll the volume back it first lessens the amount of saturation before your volume starts to drop. This is a pretty cool feature but it does sacrifice volume control while running  distortion because the volume will not actually drop until it hits 2 and then it falls fast, almost like a cut off switch. While on a clean setting the volume reacts normally while keeping the presence clean.This mod can be removed by request when ordered.

At the heart of the Firestorm kits is the MOJO Dijon capacitor. These capacitors were designed to emulate the Malory 150 “Mustard” caps found in early British amplifiers and what resulted were caps that sound great in both amps and guitars. These caps still give the same full bodied tone with more volume just like the Vitamin T’s used in our Vintage kits but these caps are a little brighter and don’t have as warm of a sound as the Vitamin T’s. These caps are not sterile sounding (not by a long way) just clean with an organic feel.

These kits give your pickups what they need to perform at their very best. The high quality components allow for a better transfer of electricity through your guitar which brings out all the depth and subtleties in your tone. This will make good pickups really shine but will also make all the flaws of cheap pickups stand out. For example we found that the standard pickups for low end Ibanez and Jackson guitars break up badly with high gain, but the ESP standard pickups that come in the low end LTD guitars sound pretty good.

Turn Around Time

Due to the expansion of our customer base, our turnaround times are 3 to 5 weeks from the time you order. We have recently picked up two guitar manufacturers that we are building wiring harnesses for, and the word of mouth about the quality of our work and customer service has expanded our customer base tremendously. Each kit is built to order, and in the order it was received. It will take some time for you to receive your kit, but it will be well worth the wait, guaranteed! - Bill Brown/owner BCS Guitars.

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